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Leather factory experts teach you how to maintain leather goods

Leather factory experts teach you how to maintain leather goods

A, the correct use habits: a quality leather goods, in addition to its basic maintenance, the correct habits can improve its durability.

1, let the skin and avoid the hard object collision and friction, so as not to scratch the surface, cut. - leather factory

2, skin to avoid too much, so as to avoid wrinkling and deformation.

B, daily care: daily simple care can make it permanent, new, longer life.

1, normal use, use a sponge or soft cloth to wipe the dust bag, wrapping the gap position, you can erase the dirt pointed hat, and then put into the paper bag, prevent deformation, and plastic bags in a cool and dry place, put on the best 1-2 teeth in mothballs, insect bites. - leather factory

2, regular use of the same color of the shoes wiping cream skin, make skin keep bright, avoid the effect of liquid shoe polish.

3, to avoid the leather shoe cream, paste directly onto the surface of leather shoes, should first apply the soft cloth or sponge.

4, if the skin wet, dry cloth to dry skin with moisture, and then placed in a cool place, otherwise it will burst phenomenon.

5, clean the bag, avoid using water and contact chemical solvents.

Use moisture-proof bag 6, when stored, can often keep the skin dry; stored in ventilated cool place, especially in wet or damp skin, when stored can put a little moisture beads in the bag. - leather factory

A, leather strong absorption, should pay attention to antifouling, high-grade grinding sand leather, especially attention.

B, once a week with a clean towel in water, wring dry, repeated several times to swab. - leather factory

C, if the stains on the leather detergent, wipe clean wet sponge and warm, and then let it dry naturally. You can try it in inconspicuous corners before you use it.

D, such as leather on the spilled beverage, should immediately use a clean cloth or sponge to dry it, and wipe with a damp cloth, let it naturally dry, do not use blow dryer.

E, if stained with grease, can be wiped with dry cloth, and the remainder of its natural dissipation, or detergent cleaning, not scrub with water.

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