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How to care for handbags

Handbags a wide range of general care should be how to do?

Daily care can make handbags as long as the new, extended life.

1, regular use of the same color of the skin cream to wipe handbags, leather can keep bright and moist, but avoid using liquid leather oil.

2, to avoid the skin epithelial handbag cream paste directly onto the surface of leather or fur, should be painted on the surface and then wipe down.

3, always keep handbags dry, storage should be placed in the ventilation. Some easy to damp handbags, storage can be placed a little damp beads in the bag


4, if the handbag is wet, should be dried cloth suction bag moisture, and then placed in the shade, let bag natural drying, never wet

The handbag is placed directly under the sun. It can not be blown by the air conditioner or blown by the air conditioner. Otherwise, the leather will burst.

5, clean handbags must not use water washing or contact chemical solution.

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