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Introduce bag type

Types of bags:

1, briefcase

The briefcase often in several parts, specialized storage cards, paper, calculator, pen, stationery and other documents and files. The briefcase solid crisp, with leather, embossed leather sewing is also useful. The style is Affirmative, rectangular, flat square, flat and mobile etc, color to yellow sauce, including carry, carry way back, and etc..

2 、 telescopic bag

There is no fixed support in the package, soft and tough. It has a variety of style, strap, portable, and some set of purses and wallets inside the package as a whole, there are usually two or three pocket, for money, put the keys, cosmetics, suitable for young women.

3 、 zipper Backpack

It is most suitable for women who attend long distance meetings or do field work, but it is difficult to get used to it when they begin to use it. Straps are easy to clip hair, and it is natural to use them several times. Generally well made leather bags, leather excellent, shiny, strap length can be adjusted freely. The package is positioned between the waist and the hip bone, which is convenient and convenient. Some large bags, as long as the hands can freely access, you can not pack long. Some backpacks can be folded back into a satchel, a package of two ways of carrying, you can choose. And backpack, but also make young women full of youthful vitality.

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